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Residential Freehold Sales

Residential freehold sales

Fees and other information about our services

Who will carry out work on your property purchase?

Your work will be carried out by one of our conveyancing team. Please see the Conveyancing Team Information sheet for more information about the people that may carry out work on your conveyancing matter.

How long will it take to complete my sale?

This is difficult to predict but will depend on the market conditions; whether or not a mortgage is required; the number of properties in the conveyancing chain and how quickly all of the parties involved wish to proceed. On average and as a guide only you should anticipate that a straight forward purchase with no significant chain will take about 6 to 8 weeks to exchange of contracts. A completion date is agreed between the parties involved prior to the exchange of contracts.

What work will we do?

Our fixed fees cover all of the typical work required to complete the sale of your property, including:-

  • Take your instructions and advise you generally;
  • Check the legal title to your property to ensure it is marketable;
  • Prepare and send out a contract to the buyers’ solicitors;
  • Assist you in answering any enquiries raised by the buyers’ solicitors;
  • Keep you informed on progress, liaising with the estate agents and the other parties involved;
  • Deal with approving and obtaining your signature to the Transfer;
  • Prepare a completion statement for you;
  • Receive funds on your behalf from the seller’s solicitors, repay your mortgage, (if any), pay your estate agent and account to you with the sale balance.

(Information about non-typical work that may incur additional fees is also set out below)

Our legal fees

We will not always be the cheapest provider for conveyancing services, but we try to remain as competitive as possible. We believe that the quality of our services, face to face meetings, theability to offer fixed costs and ‘no exchange, no fee’ arrangements are important to our clients.

We offer a fixed fee for residential property sales. This means that if your sale should fall through before the exchange of contracts for any reason then you will not pay our firm’s legal fees.

Our range of legal fees for freehold residential sales are based on the value of the property and are as follows: – (these prices exclude VAT which is payable at the current standard rate)

Property Value

Property Value                                                 Our fees

0 – £199,999                                                        £890.00

£200,000 – £249,999                                         £925.00

£250,000 – £299,000                                         £965.00

£300,000 to £349,999                                       £990.00

£350,000 to £399,999                                       £1025.00

£400,000 to £449,999                                       £1065.00

£450,000 to £499,999                                       £1090.00

£500,000 to £549,999                                       £1,125.00

£550,000 to £599,999                                       £1,165.00

£600,000 to £649,999                                       £1,190.00

£650,000 to £699,999                                       £1,225.00

£700,000 to £749,999                                       £1,265.00

£750,000 to £799,999                                       £1,290.00

£800,000 to £849,999                                       £1,325.00

£850,000 to £899,999                                       £1,365.00

£900,000 to £949,999                                       £1,390.00

£950,000 to £999,999                                       £1,425.00


For prices on properties valued over £1 million please contact us for details.

We believe in being transparent about our costs. There are non-standard matters that can arise that will incur additional fees such as: –

  • We are required to deal with a separate solicitor acting for your mortgage lender (this happens rarely).
  • If you need to change the type of ownership or financial interests in a property before a sale there will be an additional fee of up to £100.00 plus VAT.
  • If other unusual or complex issues arise requiring significant additional work we will advise you of the estimated costs as soon as possible. Examples of this are a defective legal title, an unregistered property, building regulations or planning permission that has not been obtained or where crucial documents are missing.

In addition to our legal fee there will be expenses which we will incur on your behalf which you will need to pay us for. Typically these are as follows (including VAT where applicable):-

Land Registry fees for obtaining title details £12.00 Bank Transfer fee £18.00 each

The average expenses are £50.00 inc VAT

Any other additional costs

As the sale progresses and if it transpires that there are any other significant expenses we will advise you at that time and obtain your permission to incur them.

Examples of prices

The following are examples for the price of a straightforward sale where no non-standard or unusual additional work is required:

Example of an average freehold property sold for £199,000 (including estimated legal fees, expenses and VAT): £1,118

Example of an average freehold property sold for £299,000 (including estimated legal fees, expenses and VAT): £1,208

Example of an average freehold property sold for £399,000 (including estimated legal fees, expenses and VAT): £1,280

Example of an average freehold property sold for £499,000 (including estimated legal fees, expenses and VAT): £1,358

Please note that we do not provide any tax advice as part of this service and you should consult an accountant for such advice.