69 The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7AA

Charity & Corporate Responsibility

We have a responsibility to give back to the local community

Sponsorship & Corporate Responsibility 2019

At Nantes we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the local community. We do this by participating in and sponsoring local events as well as supporting organisations that benefit the community. If you are a local organisation seeking support or sponsorship, please email us with a proposal by contacting us here.

This year Nantes is proud to be working with many local organisations including:

You can follow our activity on our LinkedIn page

Wider Corporate Responsibility

In addition to supporting local organisations and good causes, at Nantes we are working towards reducing the impact that our business will have on the environment. We believe that this is a continuous process and we have committed to the following actions:

  • Ensure that all of the energy we use is from a 100% green renewable source (our website runs on 100% renewable energy).
  • Limit single use plastic from our offices.
  • Recycle as much as possible and take care not to use unnecessary resources.
  • Purchase our supplies and materials from other local businesses where possible.